Ring Report September 2016


Behind the scenes in the Ring

Congratulations to various RWS members who are involved in the Ring as volunteer extras or in other roles and best wishes to them all as rehearsals are about to begin.

Anvils in the Ring

While attending the Ring in Erl this year I was impressed with the solution to the anvils as these play a significant part in setting the mood in scene two to depict the toiling Nibelung. In the darkened auditorium in Erl young people wearing miners’ helmets entered and lined each side wall to play actual anvils on stands. The “tuning” of their hammering was mixed but effective and the rhythm was good. The effect was excellent.

In Melbourne the anvils are pieces of tuned railway track, played with medium-weight ball pein hammers. They are tuned like a glockenspiel bar with the pitch directly related to length.

No Ring Festival but many associated events

Watch venues such as Melbourne Recital Centre and the Arts Centre for events linked to or inspired by the Ring.

Exploring the Ring with Heath Lees is a new series of pre-opera presentations at MRC on each performance day over the three cycles. Heath is such an informative and entertaining presenter that attending a cycle at the Recital Centre would be an ideal revision or introduction to the Ring for anyone contemplating going to a Ring overseas and of course for those who are attending the Melbourne Ring. Book through MRC Box Office 9699 3333 or http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/events/series/exploring-the-ring-cycle-talks/

Wagner in Paris a musical story with acting and narration presented by The Parlour is at the same venue, Melbourne Recital Centre at 6pm on Thursday 3 November 2016. Booking details: http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/events/2016/wagner-in-paris/

Watch for news of Brünnhilde Saves the World, a fifty-minute revision and adaptation of The Ring Animated that has been created especially for a school age audience as an introduction to the Ring.

Shirley Breese



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